Ever gone to a great cookie and cake shop and wish they had some great coffee to go with it too? Inversely, have you ever been at a coffee shop and wished that they had something to offer other than stale donuts and muffins? Well some people say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too – but at Smoothkies we say that you can have your cake, eat it, and have some delicious coffee with it as well.

Smoothkies is a brand new establishment that prides itself on offering the best in cookies and coffee that you will find anywhere. Of course, our cookies are our main attraction and have been since we opened. You have never seen the variety of cookies that we present. We have so many types of cookies that if you come here for the first time, you literally will not know what to buy and try first. Whether you are an oatmeal type of guy or gal, or you prefer peanut butter or chocolate chip, we will have something that will fit you perfectly. And another important thing that you should know about the cookies at Smoothkies is that they are always fresh. You know those places that have fresh cookies in the morning and stale cookies after lunch? We are not that kind of place. Even if you come see us in the evening, our cookies will taste like they have just left the oven.

We pride ourselves in delivering coffee in the same way. Our coffee is always fresh brewed, no matter if you come see us early in the morning before work or school, or after a couple drinks at a bar. We believe in giving you the same quality of product no matter what. Even though are selection of coffees is not quite as expansive as our selection of cookies – it would be hard to be – it is still pretty impressive. We have dozens and dozens of different flavors and all types of coffee from regular to espressos.

But even though the cookies and coffee are what we pride ourselves on most, that is not all we offer. We have many different types of foods and beverages available. If you want a smoothie or a milkshake to go with your dessert, we can give you that. If you are just looking for a plain old glass of milk with your tasty cookie, you can get one at Smoothkies that will be tall, cold and fresh.

And when it comes to desserts, we serve much more than just cookies. At Smoothkies you can get muffins, cupcakes, regular cakes and pies of all kinds, donuts, candies and much more. And if you can’t decide what type of cookies to get, you can try them all. We have mixed boxed and bags that you can buy that will let you taste over 20 types of cookies with one trip to our store without having to decide which ones you want.

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